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Xplornet Home Phone Service

Lower Your Bills!

Fully-loaded, affordable and easy to activate, the Xplornet Home Phone service is now available to Alberta customers for only $19.99/month. To make things even better, there's no activation fees or any need to purchase extra equipment.

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Samsung S6 Edge

A premium metal and glass design, curved lines and a streamlined profile for a breathtakingly sophisticated silhouette. From its striking appearance to the way it feels in your hand, the Galaxy S6 edge is a phone designed like no other Samsung phone. Now available at Ralcomm & Dunn-Right stores.

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Samsung Galazy S6
Xplornet is now offering LTE coverage

Stream Movies!

Xplornet is now offering LTE coverage with up to 25 Mbps download speeds. So you can stream movies and TV shows and download large files. All at an affordable price, with no hardware required to purchase.

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Stay in Touch

Ralcomm / Dunn-Right has a range of Kenwood, Motorola and Vertex digital two-way radios for sale and lease-to-own. To extend the range of our two-way radios, we also have repeaters, towers and hands-free adaptors.

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Motorola Two Ray Rdio

Tower Rentals

For short-term needs or to test a possible tower location, Ralcomm / Dunn-Right has portable and trailer towers for rent. We'll deliver them to your location and get them set up.

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Track It

Always know the location of your company cars, trucks, or entire fleet with a vehicle GPS / tracking device. Besides precise location, you can track a vehicle's speed and status. We also have solutions for personal use.

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GPS/tracking device